Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'll be hypotizes when looked into your eyes...

Had a nice chilling day today, woke up at 4pm and met up with Lilian and Jess, went shopping in bullring.. had dinner at Ken Hos.. and the usual gossip sessions! Talked about which cny party to go to.. what we been up to.. friends.. boys.. ect..! Was nice catching up cus havnt seen them in a while.. Had dessert at cafe soya after which was yummyyy

Bumped into a friend today and i was called ginger :( so gonna dye my hair asap!

Sometimes i do wonder, do you actually remember what you used to say me? or i should say do you even remember me at all? cus i remember what you used to say to me and how you used to treat me.. i will admit, i do miss it. it was so natural talking to you before but it's weird now.. i dunno.. i guess some people just come and go in your life and thats just the way it is..

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