Sunday, 27 February 2011

Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

I really despise people who talk about others when they are not any better. Ok i think 9 out of 10 people has been through this stage with growing up. I can say i once had that ugly side of me too. I'm not saying i'm perfect now or everything i do and say are correct cus i know i'm not, but i'll never let myself fall back into that dark side because thats one of the things i really hated about myself. I'm still learning how to become a better person. By avoiding and not mentiong your own wrong definately does not mean your right. Your just in denial. People talk all the time, they want to know everything about everyone. That doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people. It's called being nosy or in a more blunt way '8 por/8 gung'. But it's the ones who use someone elses weakness and wrong to make themselves feel bigger and 'right' that makes me think theyre so small and weak deep down.

Does it really make you feel happy when you see the pain in someone else's eyes and all you do is rub salt in their wounds? Does it really make you feel less guilty when you point the wrong of others when you did the exact same? Does talking about someone else's dark side really cover your own? If so i pity you. I really do. It's sad to know people can abuse someone else's actions and words just to hide their own selfishness.

Like i've mentioned in this blog previously, what goes around really does come around because Karma really is a bitch. It will come back to you one day. I've learnt this from past experience.

I believe every human being was born with a kind heart. It's what road you take that helps you maintain it. Don't let the wrong thoughts take over yourself.

If you want to judge, judge yourself first and be a better person.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What you did to me, boy i can't forget...

Didn't really do much today, just woke up, watched some drama and cooked dinner with karman.. made curry laksa which was soo spicy but yummy too hehe.. Just gonna do an update on what i've been up to cus i cant be bothered to start my work..

Only been out three times so far this year :) i feel good hehe! really wanted to go to london kpop cny and got the night off work too- but last minute the guy couldnt cover for me so i had to work :(

Kream CNY party, Lil & Me

Sheff CNY~ Jess, Me, Lil & Anneka

Like usual, the sheffield party was really good.. There were loadsa people so the dancefloor got really packed but the vip upstairs was nice which is where we stayed mainly. Drinks were so cheap, £1 a shot! Probably cus so many of us from bham went up, it made the night even better.
The next day we went yumcha but we were all still pretty drunk so felt like crap. Jess, Lil and Me decided the stay the evening to eat at Yama sushi which loadsa people have said is really nice. Gavin took us around and we went to meadowhall to shop but we was all so tired so ended up in starbucks for like 2 hours! lol.

Look how yummy the sushi looks?! was lush :)

Sakura Traffic Light party - a coach of us girls went down + ling's bf

It was nice to have the girls to go out all together (thanks to jess for organising) we ordered a round of 30 flavoured shots! Me and Carmen took forever choosing which colour to have cus we wanted the lychee one! So we picked a clearish looking one and guess what?! it turned out to be wasabi!! ewww! was so digusting! So later on the night we ordered some more but chose lychee, white choc and apple shots. Sounds lush doesn't it? but it all turned out pretty nasty too :(

On sunday I went up to chesire oaks with karman, her mum & brother and his friend. Was a nice day out :) We then went to manchester and stopped at wongwong bakery (my fav!) and taiwu for dinner. I got asked if i was 16 by an 18 year old boy today.. what?! :( Need to look more my age from now on cus to me being 20ish is a girls best age!

I love love love the mango pudding!

I originally wanted to buy this scarf in the classic brown colour but karman said this one was nicer so i whatsapped a pic to my mum and she also said the white one is nicer. Me being so undecisive couldnt choose for agesss so ended up taking my mum and karmans advice and got the white one. I still dunno which one i like more cus i wanted the brown one for ages.. but i guess i do have a brown one already but its just shorter..

Anyway it's 10pm already so gonna try do some work or maybe i'll watch the new tvb kek jap 'only you' first.. hmmm.. oh yeah! i've recently finished the taiwanese drama called 'down with love' and omg! its a really good drama! ahh Jerry is soo in love with Ella in it.. heard Autumn's Concerto is really good too so i might watch that next!