Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Its been so long since I've blogged, but I'm gonna try keep this as updated as I can in 2011 :)

So much happened in 2010- both good and bad, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I did things which i said i was never gonna do and said things which i thought i'd never say. I guess my lesson is never say never. Met a lot of new people this year and got back in touch with a few old friends who i will make more effort to keep in touch with in 2011. After saying many many times i was gonna go to a Manchester party, i finally did for the first time at the Vtown Freshers Party, been up to a few more parties in manc since. Manc is always so eventful, can't really decide if it's good or bad but its eventful. Next place to party is London baby.

One of my scariest night out in 2010 was probably vtown xmas party at Bijou in manchester. I have never seen a girl friend's face been covered with so much blood before :| Candy was really drunk and the dirt claimed she randomly 'ran into the door herself'. I still think yeah right but she doesn't remember what happened so :S Poor candyb had cut on her nose and lip next day :( and i have never met such dirt before in my life- actually would have slapped his fugly face if he left the room any later!

KM (my flatmate) and Me at Kream Halloween

University of Bham x Aston Joint Christmas Ball
Was a really good evening, everyone looked so elegant and smart. This year was the most entertaining Christmas Ball we've had. We played games from Bingo to Beer drinking, but i think what made is most special is the amount of people who turned up including some of my really close friends :)

Fecx 2009-2010

One thing i've learnt in 2010 is - What goes around really does come around. It may even be someone else who will treat you the same way you did to someone before. Either way it will come back to you. So never do wrong to anyone. Because Karma really is a bitch.

I havnt really given myself any new years resolutions; just gonna work harder in uni, be less lazy and create more good memories in 2011. If I could have one wish right now, i would hope 2011 brings my family and friends lasting happiness. I've noticed when something postive happens, something bad always follows. 2010 has been a fairly unlucky year for some of my closest and a lot of sad things happened, thinking about it is actually making me tear up so lets change the subject.

This is how I entered 2011! The queue was massive so we ended up doing the countdown outside sence! We pre drank beforehand at my apartment so we was all pretty tipsy at this point hehe. We also went to the new cc karaoke in china town after, its really pretty inside!

"Life is too short, laugh when you can. Apologize when you should. and let go of what you can't change"

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