Sunday, 7 March 2010

Princess Lee Eyelashes

Okay so i brought these Princess Lee's (公主李) eyelashes the other week and its arrived! I've been so excited to try them out and i've not had the chance to until today.

They have it in number 6.7.8 which represents the length
They also have it in Light, Cross, and Black which represents the volume.

Lenth: Cross 6 (black) 1.3cm > Cross 8 (black) 1.2cm > Cross 7 (black) 1.1cm
Volume: Black cross > Cross > Light cross

They are one of the best selling items in beauty stores in Asia, featured on different Taiwanese TV shows, like "流行 in-house" and "女人我最大"

I brought the Black Cross 7. ! The lashes are all handmade so the cross looks really natural. The band is soo soft.. which makes it really easy to apply cus i usually find it hard to glue the corner areas.

As you can tell in the picture, the lashes are quite long for my eye lids.. so i had to cut it a little.

You might beable to tell from the above picture, i forgot to curl my own lashes first and from the side it's quite noticeable. So make sure you don't forget when you apply false lashes :)

These photos i took from my laptop cam.


  1. awww the lashes are adorable. How much did you get all those for? I love how its handmade. & Seriously, I never can find those where I live. :( & You are so pretty, the lashes look nice on you! take care girl.

  2. Those lashes look really good, in a full but natural way. How much are they? I am still looking for the perfect falsies.. but I hate trimming >.<

  3. i just typed in taiwan princess lee eyelashes on ebay and i think for a box of them i brought it for 15pounds and i received 10 pairs so its like 1.50 for a pair which is really good. there are many cheaper ones on ebay but i really like these ones, its a lot more natural looking. thanks for reading :)

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