Friday, 19 March 2010

Nars, Mac, Victoria Secret, Stila, Urban Decay

I went shopping for the past week or two and obviously couldnt resist buying cosmetics!

Nars bronzer - Laguna

I used to think the rimmel sunshimmer maxi bronzer was the best bronzer for me and when i tried other bronzers, they were either not the right shade or too shimmery. I was in the nars section and wanted to check out the bronzers. There were two shades which i thought was really nice. Laguna and Casino. But the lady at the counter recommended laguna cause casino is a darker shade and laguna may be better for my skin tone. I really love this bronzer! It gives such a natural golden bronze glow to my skin. Because i chose laguna and not casino, on some occasions when i want a darker bronze, i can just apply it abit more and it gives me the effect i want. I may try casino in the future but i'm not sure cus when i looked at it at the nars counter, it did look pretter dark compared to my skin. With laguna, i can get both a light bronze or a more darker bronzer so i'm really happy with this product.

Mac Select Cover-up- NC 25

This is how the product is described on the mac website:
Liquid camouflage for the skin. Texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, or on its own. 11 shades. Don't reveal it, conceal it!

I wanted to buy a nice concealer for my undereyes to cover my bags and to brighten dark areas and blemishes. When i was browsing on the mac website, i did originally want to buy the studio finish SPF 35 concealer. But when i told the lady what i was looking for, she recommended the select cover up. This does wonders for my eye bags. It doesnt just provide coverage but i love how it actually does brighten areas which are dull. But on the coverage side, it isnt as great on blemishes especially when i break out. The coverage isn't as good as i would like, so i may buy the studio concealer aswell as the description for it claims to be really good for coverage.

Victoria Secret Very Sexy Lipstick - Whisper.

I love this lipstick. It is a nude colour with a slight peachy colour. The texture is really nice too - very moisturising. It has a smooth, creamy consistency with subtle shimmer. Another lipstick i have been really into recently is-

Stila long wear lip color in Darling.

This colour very like the VS whisper, but its shade is more of a light frosty peach colour. The quality of this is really high as its so moisturising too. I hate lipticks which dry my lips out. It's has like a little gloss effect so i never have to put lipgloss on top of this when i wear it. Also, this lip color smells and tastes divine - vanilla cake batter scent. I really like the tube shape of this too.

I have swatched the two lipsticks.
Left is the VS in whisper and Right is Stila in Darling.

As you can tell by the swatches, the stila in darling is lighter and the VS is more peachy. I love both and when applied on my lips, the colours are much more similiar.

Ok so i used to think Urban Decay Eyeshadows are too shimmery and would make my eyes look messy. But when i stopped at the urban decay counter and had a look at these eyeshadows, i actually quite liked it. I didn't really know what palette i wanted cus theres so many and they all had pretty colours. There has been a new palette released recently by urban decay called Alice in Wonderland, which looks really pretty too but i wasnt too keen on some of the shades in it cus i only really wear neutral shades.
So i decided to go for the Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box.

I've used this a few times and so far I'm really impressed with this palette, i love the twice baked. Its my favourite colour out of the palette. The colours in this palette is really good to make a brown/bronze smokey eye. I hardly wear bright colours on my eyes but the flipside colour looks really nice so i will definately try it out. This also comes with an eyeshadow brush and travel sized bottle of primer potion. So this is my first urban decay eyeshadow palette and i'm really glad i brought it :)

I have also brought the Revlon colourstay foundation. I'm really disappointed with the product though especially after reading so many positive reviews about it. It's just too thick for my face, i feel like i have a mask on, maybe the way i applied it? i duno. I gave a try a couple of times but i've just ended up taking it all off cus i just felt really uncomfortable. It was also really hard for me to find my shade colour but i give up with testing more colours out now cus i personally prefer a more thinner foundation.


  1. great buys! i love makeup. the mac cover up looks good. i have dark circles under my eyes too, and my friend suggested using the bare minerals concealer in well rested? haven't had time to pick it up but i did find good reviews on that product

  2. thanks for the reviews!
    the shadow box looks so good :)

  3. Nars Bronzer looks very nice!