Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I've been reading a lot of beauty blogs and reviews lately. From both people i know and don't. It's nice reading these because i've actually picked up a lot of useful tips. Like how to apply make up properly, what different items does, how to make your look more natural and nice.

Makes me want to share with my friends what i've brought recently which may be useful to others :)

I love this nail lacquer so much <3

Mac - Blissed out

I've seen this on reviews before and decided to check it out in superdrug. They actually do different colour ranges. But this one is my favourite. The colours are so pretty. Really tempted to buy the graphite palette too but some colours are the same/similiar so will have to see.

Sleek - Storm

This is really good for cleansing, instead of using my normal face cloth, these smaller cleansing pads allow me to clean my face more thoroughly and gentle.

The Body Shop - Facial Deep Cleansing Pads

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