Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A late valentines note...

Nobody understands why I fell for you. Thats because others don't know how i fell for you. What makes you even more special to me is that being with you was so unexpected, all these feelings for you are all so unexpected, yet it grew so naturally. Nobody sees how you say goodnight before you sleep, or the goodmorning baby every morning you wake up. All the phone calls and facetimes throughout the day. Nobody knows how you look deep into my eyes when you say I love you baby. The warmth I get from your arms tight around me when we sleep, with me snuggling against your chest listening to your heartbeat and falling for you over and over again. I don't take these things for granted because I know people change and feelings fade. I can't change that fact but what I can do is really appreciate everytime we are together and all the things you do for me. It really is the little things that matters the most. I really do appreciate your existence in my life because I know 幸福不是必然.

I know I'm not the easiest to handle when I go into a strop. And it aggrevates me even more when you push problems aside and let me be angry on my own. But I guess different people have different ways to deal with situations. A relationship needs mutual respect and compromise. And I have faith that in time you will bring the best out of me. ♥

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