Friday, 11 November 2011


There are many types of trust out there. But the two that is bugging me right now is trust between friendship and trust between a relationship.

'Friends come and go', and i've learnt this concept ages ago. It might sound really negative but to be honest, this has actually made me cherish even more my friends who have stayed! Trust between friends.. I dont really know where to start. Yeah i do trust my friends.. but i dont trust them either. Ok let me rephrase this, I dont trust all of them. And thats simply because not every friend is important and not everyone affects me the same way. When it involves friends who are important to me, i do get upset and frustrated, and a lot of the times, i turn to blogging. Its like the only place where i can just express how i feel. When i trust someone, i expect a to be trusted too. Not because i feel if they blab my business i can blab theirs too. But because i dont think you can truly trust someone without feeling your important to them and you can be trusted too! It's when I find out that i cant be trusted by someone i trust, thats what upsets me!
And thats what makes me think of the phrase that one of my closest friend has always told me. 'Trust nobody but yourself'

Next. Trust between someone who you have affection for. People tend to like the idea of trusting the person they like, instead of actually trusting them. I used to be the girl who would say 'i trust the guy, i just dont trust the other girls' but thinking back, at the time when i said it, it was actually the guy i didnt trust. Its when i experienced that its actually possible to believe what a guy says without questioning him, thats when i realised that trust is actually something that comes naturally through time, it cant be forced. Whilst your getting to know each other, spending more time with this person, thats when trust develops. But to me, its also true to say, once its gone, its gone and if i ever do say i trust this person again, it would have taken a long time and it can go again over something minor. So the best way is to leave. When you lose trust the first time, you should leave. Ofc its easier said than done and you have to make sure that you actually dont trust this person anymore, not just simply because he made up some silly and minor excuse/lie to you, cus c'mon, everyone lies. But when im in situations where im sure i dont trust nor believe him anymore, then if i was logical, i would walk away, and if anyone else asks me for advice, i would say the same cus trust takes a really long and frustrating time to build back, and sometimes, you may never build it back. But like i said, thats what i would do if i was logical and most of the time when im in confusing situations, i am not logical! so i do hope there are exceptions out there and it will be worth in the end. I guess it just depends whether you really see a future with this person, and if you can feel their side of effort too.

Today has been a really meh day for me. But i guess but you can’t have a rainbow, without a little bit of rain!

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