Saturday, 25 June 2011

Estee Lauder

Around 2 months ago I brought two Estee Lauder products to use; Idealist- pore minimizing skin refinisher, and Advanced Night Repair. I was recommended these two products when i told them i wanted something to help with my pores and some of the scarring left from spots when i was young. I brought them both in the 50ml size because debenhams was doing a 10% off at the time so both costed £85-90 in total i think.

Estee Lauder Idealist- pore minimizing skin refinisher - I had high hopes in this because i really wanted something which could help minimize my pores. After using it pretty much everyday for 2 months.. i have to say i have a love/hate relationship with this. I didn't like it at first because i felt it did nothing to my pores. It made my skin really smooth, but apart from that, i couldn't notice anything. After a few weeks of using this i started noticing that when i apply make up on top of this, my foundation glides on so well and my make up lasts so much longer, especially during night outs (i have oily skin and i have never used a face primer which has worked). So i have carried on using this on a daily basis and even on days when i dont use foundation and just apply this, iv noticed i havnt had to use blotting sheets as much. I still havn't seen a noticable difference in my pores. Will i buy this product again? I'm not sure. This is quite expensive and i feel it is only good for oil conrol, so i may try out some more face primers first.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - The sales at the counter was so eager for me to buy this and said this was no.1 and will definately help me with old scars or discolouration. When i brought it i really didn't have much hope in this cus i dont really believe there are products which can help scarring. After 2 months of using though, i can honestly say my scarring hasnt all gone but it has definately faded! I don't even feel the need to use liquid foundation anymore and only usually use light powder now, on days when i feel i need more coverage i only use a few dots of concealer and im done. When i run out of this, i will definately repurchase it.

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  1. nice review =] my friends tell me how much they love the estee lauder advanced night repair, but because i'm already in love with lancome genefique, i don't know whether to try something new or stick with what i love.. >.<
    great post x