Saturday, 17 April 2010

Elf products

About 3 weeks ago i placed an order with Elf. My package came like 4 days after i placed my order, which i think is really quick so was really happy with the service. I didn't buy a lot, just a few things really caught my eyes and as many of you properly know, has had many positive reviews. I brought the Studio small precision brush, Studio complexion brush, Studio powder brush, and the Studio warm bronzer.

Studio Warm Bronzer
As you guys may have read before, Nars Laguna is my favourite bronzer at the moment, so having this in mind, i did have quite high expectations about this. I do really like the colour of this bronzer, it gives quite a natural bronze, the only negative this i can say about this is that it's quite shimmery. I have used it a fair few times, but i still tend to go by the Nars Laguna on most days, but i think for £3.50, its definately worth buying. The colour is really pigmented so i have also tried this for eyeshadow and its so pretty.

Studio Powder Brush
I can't stress enough how good this brush is and it is definately worth buying! Not only is it only £3.50 but the quality is actually really good. The brush doesn't shed or bleed (I have read in some reviews they do but it hasnt for me) I use this everyday for my powder foundation and this is by far the best brush i've used. Its soo soft aswell! Love it!

Studio Complexion Brush
This is another really soft brush and it is only £3.50 too. I don't use this very often but when i do, I use mainly for light application of bronzers and blushes. I wouldn't say its a must have but its a nice brush to own.

Studio Small Precision Brush
I use this to apply color evenly for small targeted areas. It good to create thin lines on my eyes (eg. with black eyeshadow) I do like this brush, don't love it, not sure why, maybe cus it does get a little messy sometimes. But its really soft, does the job so its nice to use it.

This brush i don't own but i'm considering placing another Elf order soon and i really want it. Its the Elf blending brush. I really need a blending brush and i've read good reviews about it. I wana try it out cus if i end up not liking it i wana buy the mac 224 or 217 brush. But of course if this turns out great, i won't have to spend much for a brush cus the mac brushes are quite expensive.

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  1. I'm an e.l.f lover too aha found it a few months ago and went crazy buying everything aha xx